Roll Group has held the steel cutting ceremony for its latest addition, Roll Barge One, in Batam, Indonesia. Scheduled for delivery by ASL Yards in the third quarter of 2024, this marks the company’s entry into the barge market with its own assets, moving away from reliance on rented barges.

Peter Rondhuis, CEO of Roll Group, comments: ‘This is a new milestone in the history of our company. By entering the barge market with our own assets, where we have been servicing our clients so far with rented barges, we’re aligning with our strategic vision. Roll Barge One represents the first of many we plan to build. We’re confident this will be a valuable and productive addition to our diverse fleet of ships, cranes and land transportation, enabling us to better serve our clients’ needs.’

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Grounding notation

The new Roll Barge One will be first used on a specific Australian project whereby the barge will be carrying modules and will be “float-in” to one of Roll Groups’ dock vessels for fast and safe transport and thereafter will be “float out” and be grounded for the project. The barge will have grounding notation, which enables it to be safely aground and refloated again.

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