SWZ |Maritime is a publication of the Schip en Werf de Zee foundation. Participants of this foundation are the KNVTS and the Foundation de Zee. SWZ|Maritime is also the KNVTS members’ magazine.

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Editor in Chief: A.A. Oosting
Editorial Staff: G.J. de Boer, Ir. H. Boonstra, A. de Bruijn, M. van Dijk, Ms. Ing. A. Gerritsen, Ir. J. Huisman, Ir. J.H. de Jong, Ir. W. de Jong, H.S. Klos, Capt. H. Roorda, B. von Ubisch, E. Verbeek and L. van Geffen (SG William Froude)
Editorial Council: Ir. A. Kik, Dr. Ir. H. Koelman, Ir. W.J. Kruijt, Ir. G.H.G. Lagers, T. Westra and J.K. van der Wiele
Regular Contributors: B. Kuipers, Ir. G.H.G. Lagers, H. Chr. de Wilde
Copy/Web Editor: Ms. M.R. Buitendijk-Pijl, MA

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