Roll Group and Hebetec Engineering AG have revealed their shared patented solution for offshore wind farm load-outs during the SPE Offshore exhibition in Aberdeen. This solution was developed to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions to logistical challenges of large and heavy offshore wind farm components.

Roll Group and Hebetec Engineering AG engineering have a strategic corporation agreement, which focuses on the global demand for renewable and civil construction solutions.

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FoWeLo, as the solution is called, uses innovative equipment and technology and was developed to solve two critical industry challenges: the high cost and port logistics constraints of launching floating offshore wind foundations.

The system offers a robust design using existing hydraulic equipment and temporary steel structures. It is designed to be fully containerised, with no restrictions due to tidal effects, which simplifies mobilisation and ensures low CO2 emissions by using seawater as a counterweight.

‘We definitely believe that the FoWeLo system is an innovative solution for an industry that faces high transportation costs,’ says Steven Dunnewijk, CEO Hebetec Engineering AG. ‘As floating offshore foundations are the only option for offshore wind in many countries, we have a role to play and aim to develop innovative technical solutions. The FoWeLo system is a price competitive option and will increase the load out speed of the foundations.’

Roll Group CEO Peter Rondhuis adds: ‘The FoWeLo solution uses existing gantry, mooring and ballasting equipment from Roll Group, whereas the strandjacks and APS skidding equipment are provided by Hebetec Engineering AG.’

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