After winning a three-year contract for more than eighty vessels to VSAT, Iridium and VoIP in 2021, Castor Marine’s connectivity contract has now been renewed by Jan De Nul Group. It now includes a roll-out of Starlink to most Jan De Nul Group vessels.

With the addition of Starlink, the Castor Marine provided hybrid Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) and Geosynchronous Equatorial Orbit (GEO) service is a leap forward in terms of internet speed and latency, bringing significant benefits in terms of both crew welfare and business operations for Jan De Nul Group.

The installation and service contract not only comprises the VSAT, Starlink, Iridium and VoIP, but also the necessary hardware and 24/7 support services for the globally active fleet. In total, over eighty dredgers, jack-up barges, cable installation vessels, fall-pipe rock installation vessels, multipurpose ships, heavy-lift vessels, and unmanned survey vessels will be served.

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Tailored solutions

Castor Marine delivers tailored connectivity solutions, with quality of services specified in detail, right down to Jan De Nul Group’s VLAN level requirements. In the past three years, As Castor Marine has been providing its global VSAT network for three years now, scaling up is easy – a useful feat, as each single vessel can have ad hoc, dedicated high bandwidth demands on short notice.

Picture: Jan De Nul’s DP2 trenching and offshore support vessel Symphony.

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