Jan De Nul Group has contracted ABC engines for four 7200-kW engines and one 1800-kW engine that can run on (bio)diesel, HVO and methanol. The engines will ensure propulsion of the newest Jan De Nul Group’s cable-laying vessel, Fleeming Jenkin.

Using green methanol, the engines are also climate neutral and due to the combination with the Ultra Low Emission vessel (ULEv) technology, they also meet the strict Stage V standard for particulate matter and Euro 6 standard for nitrogen.

In addition to significantly reduced emissions of harmful greenhouse gases, methanol also offers the advantage of being already available in more than 100 ports around the world.

ABC Methanol engines
ABC methanol engines.

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‘The choice for ABC is based on a positive collaboration and shared vision of a sustainable future,’ says Jan Van de Velde, director Newbuilding at Jan De Nul Group. ‘Our cooperation results in high-quality engines that run on renewable fuel and are adapted to our vessels and needs of our customers. We prepare our fleet for the future, achieve a milestone within our sustainability goals and above all offer a positive contribution to the climate and health of man and animal.’

Tim Berckmoes, CEO at ABC Engines, adds: ‘Jan De Nul and ABC are two family-owned companies that always focus on the long term and use innovative technologies to realise the energy transition both locally and internationally. Thanks to the long-standing trust of our customers, we can continue to innovate, produce and invest in Flanders. This enables us to expand our export activities and further develop our manufacturing industry.’

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First ULEv with methanol engines

Fleeming Jenkin will be the world’s largest cable-laying vessel so far and the first ULEv with methanol engines. ULEvs are equipped with a two stage highly efficient exhaust gas filter system, resulting in significantly reduced emissions. The Fleeming Jenkin will have a cable-carrying capacity of 28,000 tonnes and can install longer and heavier cables, into ultra-deep waters up to 3000 metres. The ship is to be delivered in 2026.

The ABC medium-speed engines can run on both (bio)diesel and methanol. By switching to sustainable fuels in combination with the unique ULEv technology, this new, next-generation cable-laying vessel will bring about a significant reduction of harmful emissions such as CO2, SOx, HC, particulate matter and NOx. By doing so, it meets the strictest standards in terms of NOx emissions onshore (Euro 6) and in terms of particulate matter emissions offshore (Stage V).

Picture: Cable-laying vessel Fleeming Jenkin will be the first Jan De Nul Group vessel that has both the new methanol engines and ULEv technology on board (by Jan De Nul).

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