IRO, the association of Dutch suppliers in the offshore energy industry, and Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT), trade organisation for the Dutch maritime manufacturing industry, are investigating a possible merger.

IRO (which once stood for Industrial Council for Oceanology/Industriële Raad voor de Oceanologie) and NMT are both successful and financially sound industry associations. There has been cooperation in the field of export promotion for many years and many topics overlap in terms of advocacy as well.

Moreover, the members of both associations work closely together and are an inseparable part of the Dutch maritime cluster. Therefore, the boards of both industry associations consider it worthwhile to investigate whether a merger could further strengthen the position of the Dutch maritime manufacturing and offshore industry.

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Concrete added value

The first quarter of 2024 will be used to identify where the similarities and differences lie and how the amalgamation could take concrete shape. The basic assumption is that the merger should deliver concrete added value for members, for the Dutch maritime sector and for the staff of both associations.

Picture by NMT.

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