Port of Antwerp-Bruges and CMB.Tech have taken the world’s first hydrogen-powered tugboat into service, the Hydrotug 1. The vessel will operate in the Antwerp port area.

The tug will play a crucial role in Port of Antwerp-Bruges’ efforts to green its fleet and to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. With the Hydrotug 1, CMB.Tech reaffirms its international leadership role in the transition to environmentally friendly fuel-powered ships.

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Hydrotug 1

The Hydrotug 1 is the first tugboat in the world to be powered by combustion engines that burn hydrogen in combination with traditional fuel. It is the first vessel that uses the BeHydro V12 dual-fuel medium speed engines – each providing 2 MW – with the latest EU Stage V emissions aftertreatment. With these engines, the vessel uses clean fuels, resulting in an overall reduction of 65 per cent of traditional fuel consumption and associated emissions in the tugboat’s overall cycle.

The Hydrotug 1 can store 415 kg of compressed hydrogen in six stillages installed on deck and eliminates the emission’s equivalent of 350 cars per year.

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Pioneer in the hydrogen economy

‘The Hydrotug 1 is the world’s largest hydrogen-powered vessel and it was “made in Europe”,’ says Alexander Saverys, CEO of CMB.Tech. We are delighted and grateful to have the Port of Antwerp-Bruges as our partner. Port of Antwerp-Bruges shares the same commitment as CMB.Tech to decarbonising shipping and showcasing technology that can be scaled. The Hydrotug 1 is another big step towards zero-carbon shipping and proves that there is a vibrant energy transition industry in Antwerp, Belgium and Europe.’

Jacques Vandermeiren, CEO of Port of Antwerp-Bruges, adds: ‘Hydrogen is one of the keys to an economy and society with minimum impact on the environment. As such it is one of the fuels of the future. Port of Antwerp-Bruges aims to develop its potential to the full, committing itself as an active pioneer in the hydrogen economy on a European scale. The ecosystem represented by the port platform is an ideal testbed for this technology on a large scale. In this way, we seek to be a source of inspiration and to set an example for other ports.’

Picture: Hydrotug 1 (by CMB.Tech).

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