GustoMSC has won this year’s Maritime Innovation Award with the world’s largest telescopic offshore heavy lift crane. The Maritime Innovation Award is presented to the most appealing maritime product, service or business process innovation of the past year.

Every year during the Maritime Awards Gala, over 900 maritime professionals meet to celebrate the innovative strength of the Dutch maritime sector together with the press, politicians and the nominees for the five maritime awards. In addition to the Maritime Security Award, the Maritime Talent Award, Maritime Achievement Award, Maritime Innovation Award, and the Ship of the Year Award are presented. This year, the Gala took place on 6 November at Ahoy Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The other nominees for this year’s Maritime Innovation Award were:

  • Holland Shipyards with H2 Barge 1, a fully hydrogen-powered barge with unique Zero Emission label.
  • Smart-Ship with force-feedback on ship control systems.

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GustoMSC’s telescopic offshore crane

GustoMSC’s unique and innovative telescopic offshore lifting crane provides the solution for installing future generations of offshore wind turbines and foundations. Rapid developments in offshore wind require extreme lifting heights of >160 metres for turbine components and extreme loads of >2000 tonnes for foundation installation. The telescopic offshore crane provides both with an innovative extendable lattice boom.

This solution has not been used before for offshore lifting cranes with similar lifting capacities and lifting heights. For extra-heavy loads, such as offshore wind foundations, the crane can be used with a retracted boom.

Winner of the Maritime Innovation Award, GustoMSC.
Winner of the Maritime Innovation Award, GustoMSC (by SWZM/G.J. de Boer).

This is the world’s largest telescopic offshore heavy-lift crane. With its innovative combination of large lifting height and large lifting capacity, the crane meets the requirements of the offshore wind industry and thus supports the energy transition worldwide. The integrated telescopic boom offers several advantages, such as more efficient operations, increased safety and a reduced ecological footprint.

The involvement of several Dutch companies strengthens the competitive position of the Dutch maritime industry. According to the jury, GustoMSC ‘is going to play a very important role with this modular, telescopic offshore crane’.

Picture (top) from SWZ|Maritime’s October 2023 Maritime Awards nominees special.

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