Corrosion’s UV-C Cooler is an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional box cooler to combat biofouling. It landed the company the Maritime Innovation Award. According to the jury, the product tackles a global problem without ecological impact.

The award was presented tonight (7 November) at the Maritime Awards Gala at De Doelen in Rotterdam in the presence of about 700 maritime professionals.

The cooler combines UV-C light, antifouling technology, and so-called “pillow plates”, for extremely efficient heat exchange. The UV-C Cooler is made of coated steel for improved effectiveness and prevention of galvanic corrosion. This innovation offers complete, eco-friendly protection against fouling in fresh, sea and even still water. Besides new construction, the UV-C Cooler can also replace coolers in existing vessels. The lamps can be replaced without having to take the vessel out of the water.

The Maritime Innovation Award jury: ‘The use of ultraviolet light to remove pollution and barnacle growth in cooling water systems can rightly be called a maritime innovation. It not only solves a major problem on many ships, but does so without ecological impact on the environment. This avoids the global problem of cooling water restrictions, requires less maintenance and ships use less energy.’

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Other nominees

The other nominees for the Maritime Innovation Award 2022 were:

  • Automooring Solutions BV developed the AMS Rope Picker Robot (AMS-RPR), a revolutionary robotic arm that allows a ship to moor and unmoor semi-autonomously.
  • Wärtsilä Nederland BV came up with an exchangeable battery container that allows inland vessels to run on green power.

A video about all three nominees (in Dutch) can be found below.

Maritime Innovation Award

Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT) established the Maritime Innovation Award at the end of 2000 on the occasion of the retirement of the then chairman, Mr Gerard Speld. The award is intended to highlight the innovative power of the maritime and offshore supply industry. In addition, the award should stimulate innovative developments within the maritime cluster.

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