Huisman has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with DFO for the delivery of a cable carousel and the option for a complementary cable-lay system. Initially, the carousel will be installed on pipelay vessel Orient Adventurer.

Together with the existing Huisman vertical-lay system, the carousel will be deployed for subsea cable-laying projects in fixed and floating offshore wind.

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Cable carousel

The cable carousel has a storage capacity of 3000 mt and will be positioned below deck, maximising free space on deck. Huisman’s engineering expertise shines through in the adaptation of the carousel design to optimally utilise the Orient Adventurer’s hold capacity for cable-laying or pipe-laying.

Huisman has based the proposed design on its existing proven carousel and storage components design to reduce delivery times and technical risk. Delivery is scheduled for the first half of 2024.

Cable-lay system

Furthermore, DFO has expressed its intention to order a horizontal Huisman cable-lay system. This brand-new cable-laying concept is specifically developed by Huisman to be temporarily installed on, for example, a multi-purpose offshore vessel.

With this innovative design, Huisman responds to demands in the market to enhance the versatility of offshore construction vessels. For that reason, the system has been designed to be (de-)mobilised quickly and easily.

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From pipe-lay to cable-lay

Huisman has a strong track record in pipe-lay systems, tensioners and motion compensation systems and is now applying this knowledge to the development of innovative cable-lay systems, both static and motion compensated.

Huisman’s pipe-lay systems offer a reliable laying method for flexible pipe as well as power cables, providing efficient installation procedures and safeguarding the product integrity.

Picture: DFO’s Orient Adventurer.