In August 2021, DEME Group announced it would upgrade its installation jack-up Sea Installer with a 1600mt Huisman Leg Encircling Crane. In a timelapse video, Huisman now shows how the crane, which was recently delivered, was built.

The Sea Installer vessel was built in 2012 for offshore operations, particularly for installing wind turbines. The vessel has a crane with a capacity of 900mt.

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The crane had to be upgraded to handle the ever larger offshore wind turbines. Last week, the Sea Installer arrived in the port of Salem in Massachusetts, the US, ready for its first deployment. Here, it will install GE Haliade-X turbines at the Vineyard offshore wind farm. Each of them will have a height of 248 metres, a 220-metre long rotor and 107-metre long blades. It is DEME‘s first offshore wind turbine installation campaign in the US.

The picture at the top is a still from the video below (from Huisman’s LinkedIn page).

Huisman has released the following timelapse video of the crane’s construction (press play for an image to appear):