Huisman will deliver two packages of auxiliary cranes for both of Havfram Wind’s NG-20000X-HF Wind Turbine Installation Vessels. These vessels are currently under construction at CIMC Raffles Shipyard in China.

The auxiliary crane packages include a 40mt fully electric Huisman Pedestal Mounted Offshore Crane to be installed on the port side of the vessel. This offshore crane is designed according to the latest energy efficient technology on variable frequency drives for crane applications.

With this type of crane, Havfram Wind – an installation contractor for offshore wind turbines – can perform operations on the jack-up itself, as well as offboard operations, such as lifts to the turbine foundations, to supply vessels, or to the quayside when in port. Using such a lightweight and robust setup offers further operational optimisation on Havfram Wind’s offshore wind installation projects.

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3000+mt cranes

Havfram Wind has ordered the auxiliary cranes packages in addition to the 3000+mt main Leg Encircling Crane orders that the company recently awarded to Huisman. With these packages, Huisman has six cranes on order to be delivered for Havfram Wind’s vessels.

The cranes will be produced at Huisman’s production facility in Zhangzhou, China.

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