Hull Vane has announced its sales director Bruno Bouckaert will step down. With his departure, Hull Vane will also change its strategy and focus on selling the T and U-series Hull Vanes, while simultaneously rolling out local production facilities outside Europe.

Bouckaert’s made this decision after own personal consideration and his leaving the company was announced on 3 July. For many years, Bouckaert had a major role in development of sales. With pleasure, passion and full conviction he was one of the builders of what the company is today and pushed the technology of Hull Vane to where the company is today.

In a statement, Niels Moerke, CEO of Hull Vane BV, expresses his thanks to Bouckaert for his dedication and commitment: ‘We are grateful for the contribution Bruno has given to the organisation. His professionalism, passion and full conviction of the Hull Vane, has significantly strengthened the sales department and has helped to develop the company to where we stand today. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours.’

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New strategy

Hull Vane says that in addition to Bouckaert stepping down, the continuous evolution of the market and change in customer needs and growth have made the company also set out a new strategy. With new production facilities, delivery times can be reduced and Hull Vanes can be produced more cost effectively.

From the start of Hull Vane BV in 2014, over sixty Hull Vanes have been delivered. Hull Vane has already taken steps towards the new strategic direction. The company will continue to strive for new innovations, customer satisfaction and growth to meet the needs of the market.

About Hull Vane

Hull Vane BV provides and develops innovative solutions to improve vessels’ comfort, performance and seakeeping. The patented Hull Vane is a wing-shaped appendage, which is available as both a fixed wing and a dynamic version, and placed under water on the aft ship where it reduces resistance. The company also offers a solution for high-speed boats called Foil Assist.

Picture: Hull Vane designed for a Danish patrol vessel (by Hull Vane).

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