Edorado reached a major milestone last week as their first boat emerged from the mold. Edorado is a zero-emission hydrofoil electric powerboat company from the Netherlands.

The process of creating a boat from scratch involves many intricate steps, and the mold is a critical component in this journey. It’s the tool that gives shape to the design, allowing for the creation of a vessel that meets exact specifications. Seeing their first boat coming out of the mold was a thrilling moment for the team at Edorado.

‘The excitement in the air was palpable as we inspected the boat, marveling at the precision and craftsmanship that has gone into its creation,’ says Godert van Hardenbroek, Founder & Product Architect of Edorado. ‘Every feature is taking shape exactly as we have envisioned. It is a proud moment for us, knowing that our dream of building high-quality boats is becoming a reality.’

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The journey to this milestone moment has not been without challenges. Edorado has faced setbacks, overcome obstacles, and invested countless hours of hard work into the development of their boat. However, this significant milestone has given them the motivation and inspiration to continue pushing forward towards their goal of setting new standards in performance, sustainability, and design.

The powerboat makes use of hydrofoils, which lift the boat out of the water. Applying hydrofoils at high speed reduces the drag at least sixty per cent compared to traditional planing hulls. It is clear that for speed on the water with electric propulsion, hydrofoils are a must, says Edorado.

With the luxury hydrofoil electric powerboats, Edorado seeks to create high-quality vessels that offer exceptional performance, sustainability, and design. Their team of specialists is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the boating industry and delivering cutting-edge solutions.

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