The newest addition of the Hartman Seatrade fleet has arrived at Urk, the Netherlands, for outfitting. The Southern Rock is the third in a series of four R3 Carriers.

The R3 Carrier is a RoRo ship of 3500 DWT, which is unique within the transportation of heavy and voluminous cargo. The vessels of this type measure 108 x 14 metres. The R3 Carrier is based on the M2 Runner, and shares its key features in terms of deck space, an Open Top Notation, IMO class (Dangerous Goods) and innovative cost reducing features. In addition, the R3 Carrier is fitted with RoRo capabilities.

The Roll-on Roll-off principle for loading the vessel is safer, more cost effective and less time consuming than the conventional lifting method. The R3 Carrier can take rolling loads up to 80 tonnes per axle. The tweendecks can carry up to 5 mt per m2 with a total of 350 mt per tweendeck. This makes the vessels suitable for heavy cargo.

The Southern Rock has two wings on the stern. This is specially designed to create more deck space, which means the vessel can carry cargo of bigger dimensions with the same fuel usage.

Series of four

Hartman Seatrade has ordered four R3 Carriers. The Southern Rock follows the Celtic, which was delivered on 16 December 2021, and the Adriatic, delivered on 21 October 2022.

The Southern Rock is scheduled for delivery in July 2023. The fourth vessel, the Polar Rock, is expected to be completed in December 2023.

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Outfitting in Urk

The hulls of the R3 Carriers are built by Partner Shipyard in Poland. While in Urk, the Southern Rock will be fitted with its main engine, other engine room components such as generators, compressors, seperators and pumps, a ballast water treatment system, navigation and electronic devices, and hatches and a hatch crane. The interior will also be completed during this time.

Hartman Marine Shipbuilding is responsible for completing the vessel.

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