Eidsvaag As acquired general cargo vessel mv Baltic to convert it to a fishfeed carrier for fishfarms in the Norwegian fjords. Hartman Marine Shipbuilding was contracted to carry this out.

Hartman had to install two additional Veth thrusters, a fishfeed handling and unloading system, a DP system and generators to add additional 1500 kW to the power supply. The Roll-on/Roll-off vessel with ramp was originally also built by Hartman. The conversion took place at Damen Harlingen and in the port of Urk in a close timeframe of 2 months. After conversion Eidsvaag renamed the vessel Eidsvaag Omega.

Other companies involved in the conversion included VCU-TCD Urk (steelwork), Piet Brouwer Electro Urk (electro), DEKC (engineering), Conoship (stability), Damen Harlingen (thruster fitting), Veth (thrusters), Coops en Nieborg (traverse), Sandfirden Technics (generators), Minimax (FiFi system), Fjordvejs (unloading system) and MT (DP system installation).