When Royal Huisman’s revolutionary 85-metre New World Sloop was announced in spring 2022, only the most subtle hint of the hull lines was provided. With accelerating progress, a new visual has been unveiled, offering further insights this sailing megayacht’s sleek design.

The yacht is remarkable not only for scale and style, but also for its green heart, because the New World Sloop is said to be the most environmentally focused megayacht ever built. Self-generation of energy is just one of many examples behind that bold description.

Dynamic teamwork lies at the heart of this co-creation between the owner and his team, naval architects Frers Design, interior designers Wetzels Brown and the Royal Huisman’s inhouse engineering team, including expert co-makers.

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Construction hall lengthened

Construction work on Project 410 will start before summer this year, as scheduled. Logistical and preparatory planning for the build of the 85-metre hull has included lengthening both construction Hall 2 and the Advanced Carbon Composites Hall at the shipyard’s newbuild headquarters in Vollenhove. Additional offices have been built to accommodate the engineering and production team and the owner’s representatives.

The build of Royal Huisman’s Project 410 will be governed by “smart processes” adapted from aerospace industry practices to meet the specific needs of custom megayacht building. They focus on concurrent design and engineering, bringing all parties together to achieve synergies by working simultaneously on defined stage gates. This leads to smart, innovative solutions, and integrates specialised expertise.

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