Vripack Yacht Design and Royal Huisman have unveiled the overall looks of Project 406 for the first time since contracts were signed at the end of last year. At 52 metres, it will be the largest, most luxurious sportfish yacht in the world, or a ‘sportfisher on steroids’ as Vripack co-creative director Bart M. Bouwhuis calls it.

Vripack Yacht Design is responsible for the exterior and interior design and naval architecture of the project, in close collaboration with Royal Huisman. The project is managed by Aqua Marine representing the owner’s team, working closely with Bush & Noble and Hampshire Marine as technical managers.

The yacht’s purposeful lines sweep dramatically aft from its distinctive long and sleek bow, through six decks to the stylish downward arc of its stern profile. Designed for an experienced owner who is passionate about fishing, Project 406 will be fitted out both for high end sports fishing and luxurious living.

Sportfisher on steroids

The Alustar aluminium hull and superstructure offer strength and resilience as well as the lighter weight that facilitates smooth and efficient passages from berth to fishing grounds. So far, sports fishing yachts reached a length of forty-plus metres. Against this backdrop, Project 406’s 52 metres is a serious step up, involving significant design and engineering challenges for its designers and builders at Vripack and Royal Huisman.

‘It is well known that the Royal Huisman team likes nothing better than the opportunity to solve fresh engineering challenges – especially if they come in the shape of a unique project concept,’ comments Royal Huisman CEO Jan Timmerman. ‘The world’s first true sportfish superyacht is a very exciting order and we are delighted to be unveiling it as we prepare to launch another highly distinctive motor yacht – the 58.5-metre sub 500 GT Phi. It is good to know that our reputation as the home of the world’s finest sailing yachts is now expanding to embrace the world’s most distinctive motor yachts.’

‘This is an exceptional brief,’ notes Vripack co-creative director Bart M. Bouwhuis. ‘And the result is an exceptional boat. Project 406 is a sportfisher on steroids. It has the true proportions and long flaring bow of a typical American sportfish boat paired with the harmonious feel of a luxurious superyacht. It’s a supersized model with super chic curves, realised on a grand scale.’

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