Van Oord has signed a contract with North Ayrshire Council to construct a flood protection scheme for Millport, on the island of Great Cumbrae, UK. Preparations have already started and construction is due to commence in March.

The scheme includes the works to improve the condition and flood risk performance of the approximately 2-kilometre-long Millport seafront. Van Oord will work in partnership with its subsidiary Mackley. Work will include replacing, reinforcing and constructing flood walls, installing offshore and shore-connected rock breakwaters, and other flood risk management-related asset improvement and replacement works.

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Van Oord has completed many similar coastal protection schemes in the UK before, such as at Lydd, Dymchurch, Hythe Ranges and the adjacent Broomhill Sands, as well as recently being responsible for construction of the South Breakwater of the new Aberdeen South Harbour.

‘The Millport Flood Protection scheme will further protect properties and land on the islands. It is also important in an economic sense as it will allow us to pursue our ambitious plans for the new marina,’ says Councillor Scott Davidson, Cabinet Member for Place of North Ayrshire Council.

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