Boskalis has acquired the contract to construct a large offshore wind farm off the United States coastline. It is the 100th offshore wind farm project that the offshore contractor has worked on over the past decade.

The project scope includes the transportation and installation of the wind turbine foundations and power cables for which two crane vessels and several transport and cable-laying vessels will be deployed.

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The award of this project follows a busy year for Boskalis in the offshore wind market. The crane vessels Bokalift 1 and 2, as well as the fallpipe vessel Seahorse were active on various projects in Taiwan. With the survey fleet, site investigation campaigns were carried out for numerous offshore wind projects in the United States and Europe, where Boskalis was also active with its cable-laying vessels.

‘We are proud to have reached the milestone of our 100th offshore wind farm with the award of this wonderful project,’ says Peter Berdowski, CEO Boskalis. ‘It illustrates the leading role we have established in the offshore wind market over the past decade. In those ten years, we were involved in the realisation of almost half of all offshore wind farms worldwide, excluding the Chinese market. With our combination of hydraulic engineering and offshore activities, we are making a unique contribution to the global energy transition.’

Picture by Boskalis.

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