Euronext Amsterdam has approved the delisting of Boskalis’ shares from Euronext Amsterdam. The move comes after investor company HAL succeeded in acquiring more than 95 per cent of the shares of Boskalis after a public bid. The delisting will be effective as of 9 November.

The last trading day of the shares shall therefore be 8 November 2022, bringing an end to a public listing of more than 51 years.

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HAL bid

HAL offered EUR 33.00 (cum dividend) in cash for each share. At the conclusion of the Post-Acceptance Period on 20 September, HAL managed to acquire a total of 98.3 per cent of all shares.

At first, Boskalis took a neutral stance on the initial offer price of EUR 32.00, but after HAL upped the price to EUR 33.00, Boskalis’ boards threw their weight behind the deal.

When HAL announced its offer, the investor company said that if it would acquire at least 95 per cent of the shares, it would start statutory buy-out to acquire the remaining shares as well as seek to procure the delisting of the shares from Euronext Amsterdam.

Picture by Boskalis.

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