Allseas is increasing Pioneering Spirit’s single-lift capacity from 48,000 tonnes to no less than 60,000 tonnes. That is the equivalent to lifting 145 fully loaded Boeing 747s in a few seconds.

Modifications will enable the offshore contractor to target a wide range of platforms outside the current single-lift spectrum as well as supersized converter stations for the offshore wind industry.

Upgrades to the revolutionary topsides lift system are in full swing. All sixteen new levers are complete. Allseas engineers are now busy with final designs for specialist components, such as swivel arms and X-locks.

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More records in the making

‘The catalyst for the upgrade was the award of Equinor’s 50,000-tonne Statfjord A topsides removal contract,’ says construction manager Vincent van Dinter. ‘Single-lift removal of TAQA UK’s Cormorant Alpha topsides also requires upgrades. Other upgrades are in the pipeline as we look to accommodate developments for future projects. We are proud to keep improving our lift systems to continue to strengthen our position in the market.’

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