HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën and HNLMS Van Amstel are on their way to the United States and Canada. The Dutch navy ships will train with NATO allies in the highest spectrum of military action. Both ships left Den Helder on 9 October.

The air defence and command frigate De Zeven Provinciën and the multipurpose frigate Van Amstel join several fleet alliances, such as the USS Ford Carrier Strike Group. In this way, the alliance seeks to increase its deployability and readiness.

The ships’ training during Atlantic Archer 2022 includes defence against aircraft and missile attacks. Detecting, deterring and possibly destroying enemy submarines are also part of the exercises.

Joint logistic support ship HNLMS Karel Doorman and patrol ship HNLMS Groningen will also give an appearance in North American waters next month. These Dutch ships will be deployed until mid-December.

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The Royal Netherlands Navy supplies units to several NATO fleet groups. The Standing NATO Maritime Group 1, for example. It operates mainly in the Baltic Sea, but also in the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean. In doing so, the Netherlands contributes to the allied deterrent against Russia.

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