IHC Dredging has supplied Dredge Masters in Ghana with two Beaver 50 dredgers. In addition, the company delivered two Delta Multi Craft workboats to perform all supporting operations, a critical spare parts package, training package, planned maintenance system and two discharge pipeline systems.

The commissioning of the dredgers and equipment provides the African company with cutting edge marine technology, to be operated by local engineers and technical staff. This capacity is said to be a major breakthrough in the African region.

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‘Dredge Masters has been operational for over five years now and has an ambition for substantial growth in the region by supporting local parties in the development of their dredging capacity,’ says Captain Kahn, Director of Dredge Masters Limited. ‘We aim to become the leading provider of dredging, marine and related services in Africa through sustained, environmentally friendly and effective standards. To do so, we partner with organisations who are able to supply us with the best suitable equipment and knowledge. This has resulted in the partnership with IHC Dredging.’

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