To achieve optimal use of IHC Dredging assets and to increase operational efficiency, an operations monitoring dashboard is now offered on all new Beaver vessels. Accessible via desktop and mobile, operational data of a fleet is presented in an easy-to-understand dashboard.

Understanding how an asset performs is vital to maximising operational efficiency and earning potential. With data driven intelligence, IHC provides insight and performance control.

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24/7 monitoring

Customers can see an overview of their fleet, pinpoint the location of every asset and track performance. Alarms and notifications provide useful information, especially for maintenance and downtime. The dashboard provides a complete picture of the performance of an asset, allowing for 24/7 monitoring. It was co-created with customers and validated in several pilots.

The operations monitoring dashboard will be included on all newly built Beaver vessels. It can also be retrofitted onto existing Beavers that meet certain technical criteria.

With adjustments suitable to meet specific needs, the operations monitoring dashboard can ultimately be implemented on a wider range of IHC Dredging vessels. Operations monitoring is a key component in Royal IHC’s ambition to develop digital solutions that improve operational efficiency and allow for a more sustainable performance.

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