After winning a contract to supply a 2600-mt leg encircling crane for Eneti’s new wind turbine installation vessel ordered in May last year, Huisman will supply a similar crane for the second such vessel. Huisman signed the contract with the shipbuilder, Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME).

The leg encircling crane will be outfitted with a 155-metre boom, which – similar to the first crane – was extended to reach an unparalleled lifting height of 174 metres above deck. This brings the hook height to approximately 215 metres above LAT (Lowest Astronomical Tide). This, combined with its 2600-mt lifting capacity, gives the crane a degree of future-proofing, preparing it for handling the next generation of wind turbine, with up to 20 MW capacity.

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Leg encircling crane

Huisman has designed its leg encircling cranes to meet the requirements of the continually developing offshore renewables sector. The cranes are lightweight, have high positioning accuracy and are highly energy efficient, contributing to a reduced emissions footprint during operations.

The crane features a small tail swing, offering optimal deck space. The theme of efficiency is continued in the design of the slew bearing. Its construction in multiple segments ensures ease of inspection and maintenance. Furthermore, the entire construction and the majority of the main equipment are securely housed, offering protection from the harsh marine environment for reliability and low maintenance.

Huisman will carry out the design, engineering and construction of the leg encircling crane, including its pedestal adapter.

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