The Pioneering Spirit was already a unique feat in offshore technology. Now it is being enhanced with a second revolutionary lift system, capable of lifting and transporting jackets up to 20,000 tonnes. In a documentary, Allseas engineers explain more about this jacket lift system and installing it on board.

Allseas‘ Pioneering Spirit is the largest vessel in the world and capable of lifting and transporting entire platform topsides of up to 48,000 tonnes in one piece using motion-compensated single-lift technology. The twin-hulled vessel is 382 metres long and 124 metres wide.

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Jacket lift system

The jacket lift system is being built to install and remove entire jackets up to 20,000 tonnes, also in a single lift. It can operate in hostile weather conditions and the new technology offers a safer and faster alternative to conventional systems and removes the need for a barge.

While the technology is ground-breaking, the way the system works is rather simple, states Allseas. After making cuts to a jacket’s foundation piles at seabed level, hoisting blocks suspended from the lifting beams raise the jacket at the main legs. The jacket is subsequently aligned with the beams, reclined, and skidded further inboard before transit.

In September, the largest part of the jacket lift system were installed on board: the 13-metre wide main beams. The system is now in the final installation phase. The complete jacket lift system is to be ready for the first projects in summer 2022.

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Mini documentary

Allseas felt such a special project deserved extra attention and is now releasing the first episode of a mini documentary on the jacket lift system. In it, engineers that developed the system and that are at the forefront of bringing it to life will explain more about the project. Watch the first episode below.

Picture: The jacket lift system beams being installed on board the Pioneerin Spirit (by Allseas).