Yanmar Power Technology says it has conducted the world’s first 70 MPa high-pressure hydrogen refuelling of a ship. The hydrogen refuelling was carried out in cooperation with Toyota Tsusho Corporation, using a specially licensed high-pressure facility and a newly developed prototype long hydrogen refuelling hose.

The 70 MPa high-pressure refuelling resulted in more than three times longer cruising time compared to the previous refuelling process. For the refuelling, a demonstration test boat equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell system was used. The test boat cruised on a route around the island of the Osaka-Kansai World Exposition 2025 and tourist spots on the city’s coast.

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The results will be utilised for the market deployment of hydrogen fuel cell systems as well as the study of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure for ships.

Yanmar Power Technology is developing a 300-kW-class maritime fuel cell system incorporating fuel cell modules supplied by Toyota Motor Corporation. Yanmar aims to obtain a type approval from classification societies so that the system can be installed in various types of ships towards a planned launch to market in 2023.

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