Maritime Awards Gala

De Doelen, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

During the Maritime Awards Gala five awards are presented: the Maritime RNLN Van Hengel-Spengler Award, Maritime Designer Award, Maritime Innovation Award, Maritime KVNR Shipping Award and Maritime Award: KNVTS Ship […]

Offshore industry

Theater De Veste, Delft, the Netherlands Delft, Netherlands

De toekomst van offshore Nederland Door de energietransitie is de vraag naar innovatie en optimalisatie enorm toegenomen. Ook begint het economisch zwaartepunt steeds meer te verschuiven richting Azië. Wat betekent […]

Offshore South East Asia (OSEA)

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Offshore South East Asia (OSEA) returns to Singapore to pioneer a global shift in the energy industry. Underpinned by oil and gas and bringing new opportunities for organisations seeking to […]

NIDV Exhibition Defence & Security (NEDS)

Ahoy Rotterdam , Netherlands

The 33rd edition of the NIDV Exhibition Defence and Security (NEDS) will also focus on innovative and sustainable cooperation and the future of Defence and Security. The theme of 2021 […]

KNVTS lecture: Solar floats like ducks do

Damen Naval, Vlissingen De Willem Ruysstraat 99, Vlissingen, Netherlands

Don Hoogendoorn, CTO and co-founder of SolarDuck, will discuss the benefits of floating solar power located at offshore wind farms and the solutions the company developed for this. SolarDuck’s aim […]

KNVTS lecture: Smart maintenance

During a discussion, both speakers - Erik Klok, director-owner of Goeree Lighthouse and lecturer Strategic Asset Management for the Master Marine Shipping Innovation and Sander Woltheus, Group Fleet Technology Manager […]

Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2022

Rai Amsterdam, The Netherlands , Netherlands

Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference is where the energy transition takes place. It is Europe’s leading event for the entire offshore energy industry and an opportunity to reach business leaders, […]

Scaling decarbonisation solutions – Reducing emissions by 2030

Wereldmuseum, Rotterdam, the Netherlands Willemskade 25, Rotterdam, Netherlands

What will be your scalable solution for this decade? The social demand for an environmentally conscious transition of sea trade is encouraging ship owners and regulators to take on this […]

KNVTS lecture: The Shore Tension system

De Machinist Willem Buytewechstraat 45, Rotterdam, Netherlands

The ShoreTension System is a system aimed at the safer mooring of sea-going ships that is as convenient as it is revolutionary. The cylindrical device can be flexibly used in […]

KNVTS lecture: Maintenance management research findings

Damen Naval, Vlissingen De Willem Ruysstraat 99, Vlissingen, Netherlands

Please note this lecture is in Dutch. Binnen de opleiding maritiem officier van de HZ volgen hbo-studenten van de opleidingen Marof, Engineering en de opleiding TBK een minor Equipment Maintenance […]