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KNVTS lecture: The Shore Tension system

2022-12-14 @ 19:00 - 22:00

The ShoreTension System is a system aimed at the safer mooring of sea-going ships that is as convenient as it is revolutionary. The cylindrical device can be flexibly used in any port at terminals where containers, general cargo and/or bulk are handled.

With the ShoreTension System, ships of any size can be firmly anchored to the quay. The ShoreTension System significantly reduces movement caused by strong winds, currents, swell or passing ships. In the traditional mooring method using mooring lines, this movement is always present. In extreme conditions, the tremendous pressure this exerts on the ship can cause the mooring lines to snap with potentially serious consequences. As other ports have experienced in the past, this is definitely a realistic risk. The ShoreTension System mitigates this risk significantly. Ships are moored to the quay much sturdier and therefore much safer.

In addition, the flexibly deployable ShoreTension System aims to allow terminals to operate more efficiently. Because ships are moored alongside the quay with greater stability, the ShoreTension System promotes unhindered quay crane operations and significantly reduces the risk of damage during unloading and loading. Furthermore, operations can continue for much longer in bad weather. Visiting ships can be handled more quickly.

The cylindrically shaped ShoreTension exerts the same, constant pressure to the ship’s mooring lines which are fastened to the bollards on the quay. This requires no electricity except for an external hydraulic system which only needs to be used once to get the ShoreTension at the correct tension. After that, the cylinder of the ShoreTension hydraulically moves along with the forces which the mooring line is exposed to. This process continues perpetually without the need for additional energy. All mooring lines are always kept at the same, constant tension, also if wave and/or wind conditions change – particularly crucial for the safe and stable mooring of vessels. It is the differences in tension between the different mooring lines which cause a ship to move and potentially cause the mooring lines to snap.The ShoreTension provides a high tension and pays out the line, coping with the peak loads without exceeding the minimum breaking load of the line (MBL). By doing this, the system dampens the ship’s motion and absorbs the energy of the ship. When the peak loads are over, the ShoreTensionheaves in the line with the energy stored and returns to its initial position. Because the ShoreTension doesn’t require any external energy, it is CO2 neutral. In meantime about 170 systems are operational worldwide.


19:00 - 22:00


De Machinist
Willem Buytewechstraat 45
Rotterdam, Netherlands
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