Two of the five containers that fell off the container ship Baltic Tern near the Dutch Wadden Island Ameland on Wednesday 7 April have been recovered. The Coast Guard reports that the tank tainer with used cooking oil was picked up by a German Coast Guard vessel. The other two were salvaged by Friendship Offshore.

The tank tainer containing used cooking oil was picked up by the German Coast Guard vessel Neuwerk and subsequently dropped off in the Dutch Eemshaven on 9 April.

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Friendship Offshore

A second container containing acetone was the first to be located on Thursday. The container was then connected with a line to the Netherlands Coast Guard tug Guardian so that it would not sink or drift ashore. Friendship Offshore sent its vessel Friendship to pick up the container, which was loaded on board on Friday. During the night, the container was transported at sea to the tug Waterstraat and subsequently brought it to the Eemshaven.

Friendship Offshore also located the third container, containing kraftliner (wood fibres). KustnieuwsNL has reported that this container had already sunk and was salvaged from the sea floor. The container had broken in two, and its cargo had already disappeared. The remains of the container were brought to the port of Terschelling on Saturday night.

There are still two containers unaccounted for, a second one containing kraftliner and one containing wood pellets for wood-burning stoves.

The Baltic Tern meanwhile has arrived in Rotterdam. The ship of about 162 metres sails under the flag of Cyprus and came from German waters.

Pictures by the Netherlands Coast Guard.

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