Acta Marine is experiencing strong growth in the offshore wind market and wants to further grow its fleet. The strategic plan focuses on ordering two more construction service operation vessels (CSOVs) in the short term, with further expansion plans for the near term. To finance this, the company wants to raise fresh capital from a new co-owner.

Acta Marine operates a diverse fleet of 34 owned vessels serving the offshore wind market and related maritime infrastructure segments. Because of the rapid growth in the offshore wind market, increasing demand from clients and a continued focus on performance and low emissions footprint, Acta Marine says it sees opportunity for further fleet growth.

The near-term growth strategy will see Acta Marine grow its fleet across various vessel segments, initially for Walk-to-Work CSOVs, but also for service operation vessels (SOVs, maintenance vessels) and offshore wind workboats.

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Long-term partner and co-owner

To support and help finance its strategic business plan, Acta Marine and shareholder MerweOord have initiated a structured process to invite a long-term partner and co-owner to participate in the future expansion of Acta Marine.

‘We find ourselves in a very strong position to play a major part in servicing an offshore wind industry that sees tremendous growth in terms of installed capacity,’ comments Rob Boer, MD of Acta Marine. ‘Our clients expect reliable, first-class services complemented by the latest technology in terms of vessel capabilities to contribute to the ambitious green footprint of this industry. We want to build on our reputation of having a state-of-the-art fleet and excellent services and strive to put our best efforts, our best people and latest technology into the forthcoming fleet expansion.’

He adds: ‘Our owners, MerweOord, are pioneers in the offshore wind industry having taken Acta Marine to where it is today. They remain fully committed to our company and look forward to welcoming a new partner to jointly support Acta Marine through this next important phase in our growth strategy.’

Next generation construction service operation vessels

Acta Marine intends to launch a newbuild programme initially consisting of two construction service operation vessels. As a first mover in the offshore wind market segment, Acta Marine already has five years’ experience of successfully operating purpose-built CSOVs. Acta Marine is currently in close dialogue with a leading European ship designer to develop the next generation CSOVs.

The contemplated newbuilds will see several operational and environmental improvements, including a further reduced carbon footprint, next generation (e-)fuel readiness, zero emission in port through enlarged battery systems and shore power connections.

Clarksons Platou Securities AS has been appointed as Financial Advisors and Houthoff has been appointed as Legal Advisors to Acta Marine.

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