Alkmaar-based shipping company De Bock Maritiem is celebrating its 25th anniversary today (Friday 5 July). Along with this anniversary, the two new sustainable short-sea vessels Amadeus Sapphire and Sardius will be unveiled and christened.

Godmothers performing the christening ceremony are Marjan de Bock-Smit and Annelies Hutter. The festivities take place in Werkendam, which for one day will be transformed into an “Alkmaar enclave” as a nod to De Bock Maritiem’s origins and location. Werkendam is where De Bock’s vessels are built.

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Amadeus Sapphire and Sardius

The 3600-tonne Amadeus Sapphire and Sardius are dry cargo vessels with a low profile, making the vessels suitable for navigation on the Rhine and other inland waterways. Due to innovation and craftsmanship, compared to an average vessel from the current European short-sea fleet of this tonnage, these vessels will emit as much as fifty per cent less. The vessels were designed by Conoship International.

The new acquisitions reflect De Bock Maritiem’s commitment to Dutch quality and sustainability. Holland Shipyards built the vessels. The overall energy efficiency of the new ships will already be some thirty per cent higher than the international standard – the so-called Phase 3 requirement of the Energy Efficiency Design Index – effective from 2025. This is achieved through very low power, diesel-electric propulsion and optimised propeller and hull shapes, among other things.

Due to the modular design, the ships will be prepared for the energy transition. The generators are located in an easily accessible space on the upper deck, making the ship well suited for a future conversion to another fuel. The “E-room” or “Propulsion room” at the bottom of the ship, where in conventional ships the engine room is situated, remains unaffected in such a conversion, as the propulsion train itself is and will remain electric.

‘We are immensely proud of what we have achieved over the past 25 years,’ says Gilbèrt de Bock, founder and general manager of De Bock Maritiem. ‘Bringing the Amadeus Sapphire and Sardius into service marks a new chapter for our company. We look forward to the future and remain committed to innovation and sustainability in shipping.’

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De Bock Maritiem

De Bock Maritiem, founded in 1999, headquartered on Helderseweg in Alkmaar, manages fifteen ships by the end of this year. The company is known for the fact that almost all of its vessels have a focus on the niche of sea-river shipping.

All picture by De Bock Maritiem.

One of the two new short sea vessels of De Bock Maritiem.