Germany plans to make use of the option for two extra frigates included in the F126 frigate contract it has with Damen Naval. So reports Bloomberg on the basis of insiders.

Damen Naval is currently building four F126 frigates for the German Bundeswehr. The contract contains an option for two more. Back in January, rumours already surfaced that the option would be used, as reported by However, so far there has not been an official announcement.

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Based on insiders, Bloomberg now reports that the German government is looking to put EUR 7 billion into a major upgrade of its armed forces and that this considerable sum will also include the two extra frigates.

When asked, Damen Naval says it cannot respond to these rumours yet: ‘We cannot anticipate decision-making by the German government. As soon as they make announcements on that, we can also respond.’

F126 frigate order

In June 2020, the equipment management organisation of the Bundeswehr, BAAINBw, awarded the construction contract for the four F126 frigates to Damen Naval as head contractor, together with subcontractors Blohm+Voss and Thales. It is the largest shipbuilding project in the history of the German navy.

The ships will be built entirely in Germany at shipyards in Wolgast, Kiel and Hamburg. The steelwork and pre-assembly for the stern will take place at the Peene shipyard in Wolgast, part of the NVL Group. The foreship will be built in Kiel, where it will be assembled with the stern and towed by sea to Blohm+Voss in Hamburg.

Final outfitting, commissioning, testing and delivery, as well as outfitting of the onboard systems, will take place at Blohm+Voss in Hamburg. Delivery of the first ship is scheduled for 2028.

Picture by Damen Naval.

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