Jumbo Shipping and SAL Heavy Lift formed the joint venture Jumbo-SAL-Alliance three years ago, combining both fleets and all commercial activities. Now, they welcome their American sister, multipurpose and liner operator Intermarine, to the group.

On 1 March 2024, JSI Alliance will be ready to set sail with a new combined fleet of fifty vessels.

Dutch maritime heavy lift transport and engineering contractor Jumbo, German breakbulk and project cargo specialist SAL and Intermarine seek to create a new industry powerhouse, combining their fleets and all commercial activities for breakbulk and project cargo.

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One-stop shop for breakbulk and project transport

What can be seen as the evolution of the commercial alliance Jumbo and SAL formed in 2021, JSI Alliance builds on the same fundamental principles. They will provide a unified commercial entry point for sales and marketing for their joint network of offices and agents in 23 countries worldwide.

The fleet of around fifty vessels ranges from effective multipurpose vessels to the most advanced heavy-lift ships in the world, with a lifting capacity of up to 3000 tonnes safe working load (SWL). This essentially creates a real one-stop shop for maritime breakbulk or project transport solutions.

‘We’re a sister company to SAL, which means we’ve had some cooperation up to this point,’ says Intermarine president Richard Seeg. ‘But forming a real commercial joint venture and alliance marks the beginning of a new and greater adventure. […] This will add more services and an expanded reach to the portfolio. With our strength, especially in the Americas, I’m sure our alliance is off to a great start.’

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Expanding the scope

JSI Alliance offers semi-liner and liner services as well as customised project shipping solutions around the world. Services range from transport solutions for small parcels and single cargo items to the most complex industrial cargo units. The ability to combine services and transport solutions gives customers a new multitude of options.

The Jumbo and SAL services and fleets are highly complementary, but the Intermarine “products” are somewhat different and expand the scope. The Intermarine fleet is based on standardised, effective multipurpose vessels typically geared up to max 500 tonnes SWL, essentially where the Jumbo and SAL vessel portfolio begins.

Furthermore, Intermarine is highly experienced in operating a mix of owned and time-chartered vessels, both on a short or long-term basis. While the owned fleet typically takes on complex cargo operations, volume cargo and vessel positions may require a different approach. The focus on flexible commercial solutions that Intermarine brings to the table really helps JSI Alliance achieve their goal of being a one-stop shop for customers.

Intermarine COO Lars Rasmussen concludes: ‘We have a setup where we can combine many different vessels and service scopes. With JSI Alliance, you can find simple, straightforward transport solutions as well as the capacity to handle the most complex heavy lift projects. We can combine standard multipurpose ships, with mighty heavy lifters, deck carriers and even in some case bulk vessels – all under our operation and management.’

JSI Alliance

JSI Alliance replaces Jumbo-SAL-Alliance as the unified marketing platform and brand. As operators and owners, however, Jumbo, SAL and Intermarine remain independent – allowing the three brands to be active in the market.

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