Applying for one of the five Maritime Awards that celebrate the innovative strength of the Dutch maritime industry is now possible! The annual awards will be presented at the Maritime Awards Gala on 4 November.

The five maritime awards are:

  • The Ship of the Year Award (formerly KNVTS Ship of the Year Award) is awarded to a ship designed and (for a large part) built in the Netherlands. The focus is on the extent to which design, technology, safety, construction and economic significance come together in one innovative ship. Entries can be submitted until 18 April.
  • The Maritime Innovation Award is the prize presented to the greatest maritime innovation of the past year. It can be a product innovation, service innovation or a business process innovation that has been sold at least once. To enter, send in your innovation before 22 April.
  • The Maritime Talent Award is the prize for recent graduates and PhD students. The central question is to what extent their research or development result is cutting-edge and has potential for application within the Dutch maritime sector. You can enter until 24 May.
  • The Maritime Security Award is the prize for students who have conducted their research in the field of security within maritime parts of the Dutch government. The research should be able to lead to new insights, concepts or innovations for improving maritime security. Entries can be submitted until 14 June.
  • The Maritime Achievement Award is the award for social recognition of a maritime achievement. The central question is which development has had the greatest added value for the Netherlands and/or is a calling card for the Netherlands as a maritime country. Entries can be sent in until 30 April.

Do you want a chance to win one of the five awards? Then don’t wait too long and apply via Awards – Maritime Awards Gala. Here you will also find all conditions and criteria.

Picture: Awards winners 2023 (by Gerrit J. de Boer/SWZ|Maritime).

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