Norwegian shipowner Eidesvik Offshore joins forces with Agalas to build a state-of-the-art Construction Support Vessel (CSV) to perform subsea and offshore wind operations. The CSV will be equipped with methanol engines and a battery hybrid system.

The vessel will be owned by an entity to be named Eidsvik Agalas AS, with Eidesvik retaining a majority stake of 50.1 per cent. The remaining shares will be owned by Northern Norway shipowners Agalas. In addition, Eidesvik Agalas AS has been granted options for four additional vessels.

Eidesvik was also a first mover within the adoption of LNG and battery technology in offshore vessels. With its newest addition to the fleet, Eidesvik says it introduces the world’s most eco-friendly vessel within its operating segments.

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Delivery in 2026

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, the vessel will feature a battery hybrid system alongside dual-fuel gensets capable of operating on either methanol or MGO. The vessel is set to be built at the Sefine Shipyard in Turkey with delivery in early 2026.

The newbuild will be equipped to perform inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) work. Upon delivery, it will enter into a three to five-year time charter with Reach Subsea. Full management of the vessel, including crewing, will be provided by Eidesvik.

Eidesvik and Agalas see the timing for the vessel as excellent, as demand for vessels in the subsea market is about to outpace supply. The companies further expect significant growth in offshore wind this decade.

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Vessel design

Together with designer NSK Ship Design, Agalas has developed a highly flexible vessel with state-of-the-art design, comfort and capabilities. It measures 99.9 metres in overall length with a breadth of 21 metres and can accommodate 100 people. Equipped with a 150-metric tonne heave-compensated crane and a spacious deck area of approximately 900 m2, it is well-suited for conducting IMR and construction work.

Picture: Eidesvik Offshore and Agalas announce the construction of a state-of-the-art Construction Support Vessel (CSV) to perform subsea and offshore wind operations. The companies have also been granted options for 4 additional vessels.

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