Royal Wagenborg’s third EasyMax, under construction at Royal Niestern Sander as yard number 852, has salt water under the keel for the first time after being transported from the shipyard to its home port of Delfzijl.

With the EasyMax, Wagenborg has a relatively large vessel in terms of cargo intake and hold capacity, but without any major increase in overall dimensions or tonnage. In addition, the combination of main engine, gearbox, propeller, and thruster means that the EasyMax has an energy-efficient propulsion system, leading to extremely low fuel consumption.

The hull shape has also been optimised for various different draughts, resulting in an ultra-low Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI).

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Maximum possible dimensions for shipyard

With a load capacity of 14,200 tonnes and a hold volume of more than 625,000 cft, the EasyMax is the biggest ship type ever built in the north of the Netherlands on the landward side of the dikes. With a length of 149.95 metres, a beam of 15.90 metres and a draught of 8.60 metres, the EasyMax has the maximum possible dimensions for the Royal Niestern Sander shipyard.

Wagenborg third EasyMax under tow
Wagenborg third EasyMax under tow (by Royal Wagenborg).

With two large box-shaped holds, the ice-classed 1A multi-purpose vessel excels in its class with its very high capacity for heavy or light cargo, timber and paper.

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Reducing the CO2 footprint

Wagenborg adopted a sustainability strategy to reduce its CO2 footprint in line with the EU and IMO. To reach these goals, Wagenborg considers an innovative and fuel-efficient vessel as the EasyMax a step in the right direction. The combination of an aerodynamic hull shape, small installed power and realtime fuel efficiency monitoring tools results in a CO2 reduction of over sixty per cent compared to its peer group.

The EasyMax 3 was launched namelessly in October 2023, but can now be seen to carry the name Amalia. The ship now awaits its sea trials. The vessel is expected to be delivered to Wagenborg and affiliated partners by the end of January 2024, after which it will depart for its maiden voyage.

Pictures by Royal Wagenborg.

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