For the first time, the Port of Rotterdam Authority has received authorisation to test a drone that is controlled from the Command & Control Centre in the Harbour Coordination Centre of the Harbour Master Division. The actual drone will take off 40 kilometres away in Pistoolhaven.

The Harbour Master Division of the Port of Rotterdam has been experimenting with a fast long-distance drone for some time. The drone supports a range of tasks, like inspections and supervision.

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Port-wide drone network

Remote controlled drones are important because the Port of Rotterdam Authority aims to implement a port-wide multidisciplinary drone network, that will be controlled from a central hub. This allows for a real-time connection between the drone’s live images and the assessment of the Harbour Master Division. The drone network will also be used for incident prevention by the Joint Fire Department.

The use of drones aligns with the strategic ambition of the Port of Rotterdam Authority to make the port more efficient, safer and more sustainable. The Drone Port of Rotterdam innovation programme in the port is being developed into an “experimental space in the relevant environment” for providers of drone services.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority plays a facilitating role in supporting drone operations in the port. This includes, for example, the digital coordination of drone traffic. Together with authorities and companies in the port the airspace and procedures are gradually being set up for this purpose.

The video below is in Dutch, but English subtitles are available. The picture at the top is a still from the same video (by Port of Rotterdam).

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