The Aurora Thunder is currently undergoing a transformation at shipyard Royal Niestern Sander. The offshore supply vessel is being converted into a multi-purpose offshore vessel for Wagenborg.

The custom-made and specialised offshore vessel will support subsea activities and decommissioning works in the southern parts of the North Sea later this year.

In June, the port of Delfzijl set the scene for this complete Wagenborg project during the installation of the additional accommodation unit. This accommodation unit was loaded by means of self-propelled modular trailers on a pontoon and towed to the Wagenborg terminal. Here, two mobile cranes lifted the accommodation on the offshore vessel (see picture).

In July, the conversion continued according to plan. As such the vessel was painted in the familiar Wagenborg colours. In addition, the Azipod thrusters were completely overhauled and checked.

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Previous conversions

With five operational specialised offshore vessels on the North Sea, Wagenborg can be considered as one of the market leaders in this offshore niche. All offshore vessels have proven to deliver efficiency and logistical advantages.

In 2015, the first walk-to-work vessel Kroonborg introduced by Wagenborg and Niestern Sander was awarded “Ship of the Year”. In 2018, Wagenborg delivered the Kasteelborg, a walk-to-work vessel after a conversion project. In 2020, the Keizersborg and in 2022 the Koenigsborg were delivered, both also after a conversion project. The Koenigsborg was awarded ship conversion of the year.

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