OCI Global will supply Singapore shipping company X-Press Feeders’ new vessels with green methanol in Rotterdam. The first vessel from X-Press Feeders, a dual-fuelled hybrid vessel, is expected to arrive in Rotterdam during the second quarter of 2024.

X-Press Feeders has a total of fourteen methanol dual-fuel container ships on order.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority embraces this collaboration between OCI Global and X-Press Feeders, as it perfectly aligns with the port’s ambition to become carbon-neutral.

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Largest producer of green methanol

OCI, a Dutch company, is the world’s largest producer of green methanol. Recently, OCI made headlines by signing an agreement with Maersk to fuel its first green methanol-powered container ship. The vessel’s anticipated arrival in the port of Rotterdam is 26 August.

Earlier this year, OCI announced its partnership with Unibarge, a Dutch-Swiss company specialising in inland tanker shipping. As part of this collaboration, Unibarge is retrofitting a bunker barge to supply green methanol as fuel for shipping on behalf of OCI. Expanding its eco-friendly initiatives, OCI plans to extend the delivery of green methanol to shipping in various other ports than Rotterdam.

Picture: X-Press Capella at the quay (by OCI Global).

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