On 10 July, the first vessel of the Groot Ship Design 5200XL series, MV JSP Lᴓjt, was christened in Germany. The vessel is a joint development of Toepfer Transport, Groot Ship Design, Lubeca Marine Germany and Jebsen Shipping Partners.

More than twenty units of this very design, which is available with 5200 DWT, 5900 DWT, 6200 DWT, and 7300 DWT, have been ordered through Toepfer Transport so far, with some more to come soon.

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The 5200XL design is versatile minibulker, combining an ultra large cargohold, icecass 1A, modern layout/accommodation and efficient powering. Classification and building of the vessels is according to DNV rules and regulations. Groot Ship Design has a dedicated website where clients can configure their own Groot XL vessel.

Construction started with steel cutting on the 18th of January 2022 at shipyard Jiangsu Dajin Heavy Industry. The JSP Lᴓjt sails under the flag of Portugal and measures 89.98 metres x 15.55 metres. The vessel departed from Ostermoor, Germany, on the same day as its christening with destination Sheerness, UK.

Picture by Toepfer Transport.

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