Wilson ASA, active in the European short sea market, has placed a significant contract for the construction of six state-of-the-art 3800 DWT future-proof newbuildings designed by Conoship International. The order includes an option for eight more vessels.

Conoship’s 3800 DWT is an innovative general cargo vessel for the short sea shipping trade. The powering and propulsion of the vessel is by means of electro motors in combination with diesel generator sets. The propeller has a large diameter ensuring, in combination with a ConoDuctTail and the optimised hull lines, the best possible efficiency, and lowest possible fuel consumption.

The vessels will be constructed at Cochin Shipyard in Kerala, India, and the plan is for the newbuildings to be ready for delivery by early 2025.

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Easy conversion to new fuel

The design provides the possibility of an easy conversion of the type of fuel in the future. In an ever-evolving industry, Wilson and Conoship believe flexibility is key, and the newbuildings are designed to adapt to a wide range of fuel and energy types going forward. The vessels come with the option to be equipped with wind-assisted propulsion systems, as yet, they are not included in this order.

The contracted newbuildings will reduce environmental impact and enhance efficiency. The vessels are designed to meet and surpass environmental standards required in today’s maritime industry and it is a step in the right direction to further reduce the shipping carbon footprint.

Artist Impression - 6 Conoship vessels for Wilson

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