The Water Protection Police (Wasserschutzpolizei, WSP) in Emden has launched an investigation involving the general cargo vessel Petra L. The vessel arrived in the port of Emden with a 5 x 3 metre hole in the hull after colliding with a wind turbine.

The damaged seagoing vessel entered the Emden lock on 25 April coming from the sea (the journey started in Stettin). The ship, flying the Antigua flag, and identified as the Petra L measures 73.66 x 11.5 metres. The vessel is loaded with 1500 tonnes of grain destined for Antwerp.

In the area of ​​the forecastle (starboard, on the right in the direction of travel) there is a 5 x 3 m hole in the outer skin of the ship’s hull.

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Ship hits Gode Wind wind turbine

Orsted has revealed the vessel has collided with one of its wind turbines in the Gode Wind 1 offshore wind farm. This wind farm is located about 45 kilometers from the coast and 33 km off the islands of Juist and Norderney. A total of 55 wind turbines have been installed at Gode Wind 1 and the turbines have a rotor diameter of 154 metres.

In a statement, Orsted says the collision occurred on 24 April: ‘No persons were injured in the incident. Further investigations have already been launched. The cargo ship itself did not directly contact the maritime surveillance, but Orsted’s in-house
control centre has documented the incident. The offshore wind turbine involved has been taken out of operation for further investigation.’

After the collision, the ship called at Emden as the next possible port. The WSP Emden was informed of the damage to the ship by the Nautical Centre. The investigations into how the accident happened are still ongoing, and other authorities/institutions involved in dealing with the accident have been informed as well.

Picture by WSP.

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