The Gibraltar Port Authority reports that all cargo has been removed from the wreck of the OS 35. Next step: removal of the wreck alltogether.

A total of 33,632 tonnes of steel bars have been lifted from the wreck, in a critical milestone for the operation. Detailed planning and preparations are now underway for the final removal of the wreck, which continues to progress according to schedule. The wreck is to be removed by the end of May this year.

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OS 35 sinking

On 29 August, 2022, the OS 35 collided with LNG tanker Adam LNG in the Port of Gibraltar. Although the tanker only suffered minor damage, the bulk carrier suffered a ten by four-metre gash in the starboard side of the hull and was making water. It was directed to a location off Catalan Bay to beach and the bow went underwater.

Two days later, the hull broke, but the two parts did not fully separate yet, this happened later, in April, when the wreck was battered by severe weather.

The vessel is sitting 700 metres off the shoreline of Catalan Bay. Since its grounding, salvors have removed as much fuel oil and diesel oil from the vessel as possible as well as the rest of the inventory and cargo. The accident has resulted in several oil spills, with some oil reaching the shorelines.

Picture: OS 35 after a storm in March (picture by the Gibraltar Port Authority).

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