Jan-Bart Verkuyl, Feadship Director/CEO Royal Van Lent Shipyard, has introduced Feadship’s advanced solution for more sustainable yachting: a fully certified liquid hydrogen fuel-cell yacht.

The yacht will house a cryogenic fuel tank, storing liquified hydrogen at around -250°C, being the densest storage method of pure hydrogen. This fuel cell bank will be sufficient to sail at a decent speed while still powering the hotel load in summer conditions.

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Feadship released the first images of what such a system would look like on a yacht on its LinkedIn page, see the pictures included with this post above and below.

According to the Dutch yach builder, hydrogen has an increasing interest since it can be produced efficiently through electrolysis from electricity. With increasing wind, sun and other renewable power supply, Feadship expects green hydrogen production will ramp up to buffer the renewable energy.

Pictures by Feadship.

Feadship fuel cell solution for yachts 2
Feadship fuel cell solution for yachts

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