This week, a group of cargo brokers and travel agents announced their cooperation in a new sail liner ferry service between Amsterdam and Porto, also calling at ports in the United Kingdom and France. This will be shipping company EcoClipper’s first sustainable liner service.

The liner service, for passengers and cargo, will start operating from 22 April 2023, departing from Amsterdam at 10 am CET. The two-masted ship De Tukker will be EcoClipper’s first sailing ship to engage on this trade and travel route.

This vessel will be able to take up to twelve passengers and a maximum load of about 70 cubic metres of cargo, all propelled by the clean power of wind. This new shipping line will sail on a scheduled service calling at the ports of: Amsterdam, Penzance, Porto, Noirmoutier, Saint Nazaire, Torquay, London and Scheveningen.

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Three round trips a year

Partnering with the cargo brokers and shippers New Dawn Traders, Fairtransport, Shipped by Sail and Port O’ Bristol as well as the travel agents Fair Ferry, Classic Sailing and Windseeker, EcoClipper is planning three round trips annually.

Bookings can be made with one of these agents or directly via the EcoClipper website.

This new service comes at the same time as a new proposal from the European Commission to reduce greenhouse gases in shipping by 55 per cent by the year 2030. Furthermore, there is increasing demand for sustainable and emission-free connections between the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France and Portugal.

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Sailing vessels in demand

‘We started pioneering sustainable travel on sailing ships before the pandemic,’ says Karel De Boer, founder of Fair Ferry. ‘It turned out that the demand of travellers was three times larger than the supply of vessels. The travellers booking these trips have very different backgrounds: it goes from backpackers who do not want to fly, to retirees with the funds and time.’

According to Capt. Jorne Langelaan, founder and CEO of the sailing ship operator EcoClipper: ‘For some years now, an anti-flying movement known as “flight shame”, has been developing in Europe. Recently a return to long distance train travel has been seen, and now the return of the sailing vessel is imminent.’

Picture (top): De Tukker in port (by EcoClipper).

EcoClipper will deploy De Tukker between Amsterdam and Porto.
EcoClipper will deploy De Tukker between Amsterdam and Porto (photo: EcoClipper).

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