With its offer to investors to become co-owners of a future fleet of sailing cargo and passenger ships, the start-up EcoClipper has raised over 200,000 euros. The investment will be used for the first ship, the Tukker, which is currently undergoing a refit, and the further development of the newbuild Clipper series, the EcoClipper500.

EcoClipper’s vision is to offer a clean form of shipping. Until recently, the big financial institutions were not ready to invest in sailing. However, despite the current world situation, a growing group of individual investors from the EU, Switzerland and the UK are showing great interest in companies that offer sustainable travel and wind-powered logistics.

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Tipping point

As the demand for sustainable transport continues to grow, EcoClipper, together with its partners, peers and investors, is confident that we are at a tipping point, and that global financial institutions will see the value of financing alternative innovations, such as wind propulsion, to solve the climate crisis. This was the case some forty years ago, when wind turbines emerged as a viable solution for generating renewable energy.

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‘Investors in EcoClipper see the importance of a company that offers solutions to the pollution caused by the shipping industry,’ says EcoClipper founder and CEO Jorne Langelaan. ‘They are also attracted by the beauty, emotion and respect for nature that is achieved through the application of sailing technology.’

EcoClipper’s financing campaign is still open and anyone who wants to join can invest in the EcoClipper Coöperatie U.A.. Investors become co-owners of a future fleet of sailing vessels. The company seeks to raise another € 715,000 to complete the refit of its ship, De Tukker, and take the next steps in developing a global emission-free logistics system.

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