DEME will install 1 GW of offshore wind capacity for the Hai Long wind farms in Taiwan. The large contract, said to be worth in excess of EUR 300 million, covers transport and installation of the foundations, turbines and offshore substation.

The milestone deal between CSBC-DEME Wind Engineering (CDWE) and Hai Long Offshore Wind follows nearly three years of planning and preparation under a preferred bidder agreement.

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Hai Long wind farm

With pre-piling works set to start in 2024, 73 wind turbines will be installed, generating 1044 MW in total. The Hai Long wind farm is located forty to fifty kilometres from the coast of Taiwan in a water depth of 35-55 metres.

Hai Long Offshore Wind consists of Hai Long No. 2 and No. 3 wind farms and is jointly developed by Northland Power Inc., Yushan Energy Pte. Ltd. and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. Commissioning is due to start in 2025.

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Green Jade

In order to support the flourishing Taiwanese offshore wind sector, CDWE took the decision to invest in a pioneering new installation vessel, the Green Jade. Equipped with a 4000-tonne main crane, DP3 and an exceptionally high loading capacity, this vessel is designed for work in deeper waters and challenging seabed environments such as those found in Taiwan.

CDWE was set up by Taiwan’s CSBC and DEME Offshore to facilitate co-operation with European experts and to ensure the availability of foreign expertise in Taiwan in the fields of project management, fleet management, installation techniques and marine works safety.

Chen Wen-Lon, Chairman of CDWE: ‘Taiwan has never really had a local marine engineering team in the past, which is capable of building such a large-scale, complex wind farm, or a marine installation vessel like Green Jade. I am glad to see that the Hailong Wind Farm is entering the execution stage and that CDWE is able to participate in Taiwan’s energy transformation.’

‘Over the past three years we have been working closely together with the Hai Long team to overcome the many challenges of developing an offshore wind farm in Taiwan,’ says Marco Kanaar, CEO of CDWE. ‘The Hai Long project has been a key driver in our decision to invest in the pioneering installation vessel Green Jade so we are thrilled to have reached this agreement on the transport and installation contract in which Green Jade will play a major role.’

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