ABS awarded two approvals in principle to COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry and COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry Technology for their ammonia-fuelled vessel and ammonia supply system designs. The systems will be trialled on a tugboat.

The COSCO project targets an ammonia-fuelled supply system for a four-stroke marine engine. Given the challenging characteristics of ammonia, ABS conducted a comprehensive review and risk assessment focused on ammonia filling, storage, supply, ventilation and emergency handling in the AIP process to address the safety and reliability of the systems.

‘Ammonia offers shipowners and operators a zero-carbon, tank-to-wake emissions profile. Yet, we also recognise that ammonia presents a specific set of safety and technology challenges, and ABS is committed to leading the industry in supporting its safe adoption at sea,’ says Georgios Plevrakis, ABS Vice President, Global Sustainability.

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Ji-Jiang Jiang, COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry general manager, adds: ‘This is the first comprehensive technology research project in China focusing on an ammonia burning, ammonia-diesel, dual-fuel engine, an ammonia fuel supply system, exhaust gas treatment and an onboard application demonstration, which is of great significance and has far-reaching impact.’

The tugboat is designed to be 36 metres in length with a towing capacity of up to 60 tonnes. The ammonia supply system will be part of the vessel, providing ammonia for propulsion.

Photo by COSCO Shipping Heavy Industries (Dalian) Co., Ltd.

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